Jumpers is an interactive platform and a purposeful broker

Do you want to work in organizing events? Or even in TV shows and studios as a barista and love to be a fan of coffee? Do you feel that you have the ability to play in secondary roles? The Jumpers platform provides all these opportunities and more. All you have to do is register your data and skills, and benefit from the many advantages of Jumpers.

Know About Jumper

Jumpers platform, the first digital platform of its kind

Jumpers is the first electronic platform that provides a direct link service between the service applicant and people wishing to benefit from the services of individuals in sectors such as: (events organizers, bodyguards, field marketers, extras, studio audiences, exhibitors, or any other field that the customer needs) and between Persons with competence in the field or the most suitable.


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Jumper Sectors

Learn about the business sectors in jumpers

We work in all sectors and different fields in the field of work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we cover most of the cities of the Kingdom and are constantly expanding

Jumper Features

Learn about the advantages of the Jumpers platform

Jumpers is the first electronic platform that provides a direct link between the service requester and the people wishing to benefit from the services of individuals

Experience certificate

Take advantage of your skills and gain new experiences, and you will get an accredited experience certificate after three months.

Flexible working hours

At Jumpers, we provide you with all the options that help you benefit from your skills at any time, and you can work by the hour or by the day, and also with the click of a button while you are in your place, you can receive or cancel receiving orders close to your geographical location

For money

We always strive to get the jumpers to get the appropriate financial compensation for the service, and not only that, we have gifts and offers on an ongoing basis.

Documented agreements

In order to guarantee the rights of both parties, we have provided you with documented electronic agreements that are automatically issued by the system, and contain the entire agreement data.

What They Say About Us

Get to know the opinions of our partners in dealing with us through Jumper Foundation

Some of our customers' reviews


You solved the problem of communication between the parties in a simple and easy way, thank you


A distinguished platform with the diversity of its services, ease of use, and the provision of all solutions


Our first choice in meeting our temporary needs

App Interfaces

Get to know about all the interfaces for jumpers

The interface of the company or organization

As the owner of a company or institution, you can request qualified employees in all fields in a jiffy by applying the giant jumpers

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Jumpers Interface

The interface of distinguished jumpers who wish to obtain a lifetime job in the largest companies in KSA, All jumpers can display their CV in a jiffy and send it to companies wishing to obtain Saudi or foreign labor in of Saudi Arabia

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