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Jumper Sectors

Learn about the business sectors in jumpers

We work in all sectors and different fields in the field of work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we cover most of the cities of the Kingdom and are constantly expanding

Event Organizing Sector

We offer our services in the field of organizing entertainment events by providing distinguished cadres with experience in the field.

TV and studio sectors

We excel at Jumpers by providing the appropriate cadres to meet the needs of the television and studio sectors, by providing many services, such as extras representatives, and studio audiences.

Restaurants and cafes sector

We are fully aware of the level of challenges faced by the nutrition sector in general, so we provide carefully selected competencies according to health requirements to meet the needs in services such as (food provider, barista).

Other sectors

We provide all kinds of multifunctional services, such as (receptionist, cashier, salesman, field marketer) and many other miscellaneous services, to serve all types of business sectors.


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لقد قمت بعملية دفع ناجحة , مكنك الآن البدأ في استقبال الطلبات تابع من نا
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